Fun Game Studio Fun Gun

Game process.

The player uses a gun for shooting at various targets. Its task is to destroy all the soldiers on the scene and destroy the maximum number of targets. The level is passed after the destruction of the last soldier.

For every destroyed item, the player gets points. The number of points affect the number of stars. To pass the locations you need to dial a specified number of stars. The stars are shown above the completed level. The maximum rate is three stars and a crown. For the crown you must destroy all the soldiers, dial a three stars, and thus must be destroyed no less than 70% of targets. 

Objects have different cost. The cost of items can be found before the start of the level. To do this, there is the preview mode. In this mode the player can rotate, zoom scene and find out the cost of the targets. This mode is convenient to plan the order of destruction. 
Soldiers and targets, can be destroyed by shot, explosion or using the mechanism. If objects fall off the island, killed only soldiers and targets destroyed, but do not bring points. 

Classification of objects.


Exploding objects. 
Exploding objects can destroy the characters, destructible objects, and moves the movable objects (no points for destruction).
All exploding objects have different radius and strength. 

Building blocks.
Mechanisms can not be destroyed. When hit, they begin to move or affect targets. 

One of the goals of the game to find out what makes this or that subject. 

The some moments.

Flying Platform. 
At the end of each location is a flying platform. Besides the usual items on it has a pillar-stand with a flying key. To pass the level you need to destroy the key. 
You can destroy key when it is on the pole-stand. 
If you get into post, the key will start to fly. 
If you destroy the platform, the key also starts to fly. 
It is more difficult to aim. 
To destroy the platform need to get into the control panel or explode explosive objects nearby. 
Depending on the level, the player must decide at what point to destroy the key. When he is on the pillar-stand or when it flies.

Important! Randomness is a nice addition, but do not count on it in the passing game. If you are unable to score the necessary number of points, change the tactics of passage. Changing the order of destruction of objects, you will get a different result. 
On each location there is a complication of the game. 
Indicator right of passage level - you can repeat the procedure for the passage of so much time as you want. You will bullets. You understand that it was not difficult. 
Getting Crown is very difficult part of the game. It can be classified as a game within the game. You have to use all the bullets and use ricochets.